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WebKitSettings Class Reference

#include <webkitsettings.h>

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Detailed Description

Settings for the HTML view.

Definition at line 37 of file webkitsettings.h.

Public Types

enum  KAnimationAdvice { KAnimationDisabled = 0, KAnimationLoopOnce, KAnimationEnabled }
enum  KJavaScriptAdvice { KJavaScriptDunno = 0, KJavaScriptAccept, KJavaScriptReject }
enum  KJSWindowFocusPolicy { KJSWindowFocusAllow = 0, KJSWindowFocusIgnore }
enum  KJSWindowMovePolicy { KJSWindowMoveAllow = 0, KJSWindowMoveIgnore }
enum  KJSWindowOpenPolicy { KJSWindowOpenAllow = 0, KJSWindowOpenAsk, KJSWindowOpenDeny, KJSWindowOpenSmart }
enum  KJSWindowResizePolicy { KJSWindowResizeAllow = 0, KJSWindowResizeIgnore }
enum  KJSWindowStatusPolicy { KJSWindowStatusAllow = 0, KJSWindowStatusIgnore }
enum  KSmoothScrollingMode { KSmoothScrollingDisabled = 0, KSmoothScrollingWhenEfficient, KSmoothScrollingEnabled }

Public Member Functions

bool accessKeysEnabled () const
void addAdFilter (const QString &url)
bool allowTabulation () const
bool autoLoadImages () const
bool autoSpellCheck () const
const QColor & baseColor () const
bool changeCursor () const
QString cursiveFontName () const
const QString & encoding () const
QList< QPair< QString, QChar > > fallbackAccessKeysAssignments () const
QString fantasyFontName () const
QString fixedFontName () const
bool followSystemColors () const
bool hoverLink () const
void init (KConfig *config, bool reset=true)
void init ()
bool isAdFiltered (const QString &url) const
bool isAdFilterEnabled () const
bool isAutoDelayedActionsEnabled () const
bool isBackRightClickEnabled ()
bool isFormCompletionEnabled () const
bool isHideAdsEnabled () const
bool isJavaEnabled (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
bool isJavaScriptDebugEnabled (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
bool isJavaScriptEnabled (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
bool isJavaScriptErrorReportingEnabled (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
bool isOpenMiddleClickEnabled ()
bool isPluginsEnabled (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
bool jsErrorsEnabled () const
bool jsPopupBlockerPassivePopup () const
const QColor & linkColor () const
int maxFormCompletionItems () const
int mediumFontSize () const
int minFontSize () const
void readDomainSettings (const KConfigGroup &config, bool reset, bool global, KPerDomainSettings &pd_settings)
QString sansSerifFontName () const
QString serifFontName () const
void setFixedFontName (const QString &n)
void setJSErrorsEnabled (bool enabled)
void setJSPopupBlockerPassivePopup (bool enabled)
void setStdFontName (const QString &n)
QString settingsToCSS () const
KAnimationAdvice showAnimations () const
KSmoothScrollingMode smoothScrolling () const
QString stdFontName () const
const QColor & textColor () const
bool underlineLink () const
bool unfinishedImageFrame () const
QString userStyleSheet () const
const QColor & vLinkColor () const
 WebKitSettings (const WebKitSettings &other)
 WebKitSettings ()
KJSWindowFocusPolicy windowFocusPolicy (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
KJSWindowMovePolicy windowMovePolicy (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
KJSWindowOpenPolicy windowOpenPolicy (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
KJSWindowResizePolicy windowResizePolicy (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
KJSWindowStatusPolicy windowStatusPolicy (const QString &hostname=QString()) const
bool zoomTextOnly () const
virtual ~WebKitSettings ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * adviceToStr (KJavaScriptAdvice _advice)
static const QString & availableFamilies ()
static WebKitSettingsself ()
static void splitDomainAdvice (const QString &configStr, QString &domain, KJavaScriptAdvice &javaAdvice, KJavaScriptAdvice &javaScriptAdvice)
static KJavaScriptAdvice strToAdvice (const QString &_str)

Private Member Functions

QString lookupFont (int i) const

Private Attributes

WebKitSettingsPrivate *const d

Static Private Attributes

static QString * avFamilies = 0

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